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Dr. Gunita Jolly is a bilingual British general practitioner who has been practicing in France since 1996.

Website :

Cabinet de la Muette | Paris

7, rue de la Pompe, 75116 PARIS

Tél : +33 (0)1-45-24-69-50

Fax : +33 (0)1-45-24-77-78

Métro : Métro Muette (ligne 9)

Training and experience

Dr. Jolly was trained in London. Her medical degree (MBBS) is from Guy's Hospital, London, and she holds a postgraduate degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology (DRCOG) and a Master's degree in General  Medicine (MRCGP). After graduation she worked in London teaching hospitals in Accident and Emergency, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Psychiatry and General Practice. Then she worked for two years as a partner in a busy GP practice in Blackheath, London with a personal list of 2,000 patients.

When she moved to France in 1996, she first worked for two years at the Franco-British Hospital in Levallois-Perret in the departments of Surgery and Medicine. After learning the nuances of the French medical system and having known all the staff of the British Hospital (IHFB), she was invited to start a private practice for English-speaking patients in 1998 on the premises of the hospital. She was also asked to give Obstetric appointments to registered English-speaking women to give birth there. She continues to work as a Gynecology/Obstetrics assistant once a week for the British Hospital in Paris.

In November 2018, she moved her private practice to 7 rue de la Pompe, 75116 Paris.

Dr. Jolly worked for 11 years for the French office of a major International Assistance company (ISOS) She, therefore, has experience in treating hospitalizations and repatriations of sick patients during their travels. She also regularly teaches medical English classes to groups of French doctors, led by the graduate department of a medical school in Paris.

Medical Services

Dr. Jolly offers consultations in the following specialties:

Dr. Denise Gunoy replaces Dr. Jolly on Monday mornings and alternating Thursday and Friday morning. She is a French General Practitioner, graduated from Paris VII University Denis Diderot. Her background in General Medicine includes pediatric consultations, gynecology and internal medicine. She is interested in travel medicine and pediatrics. She is available to vaccinate children

Medical Visa United States and Canada

Dr Jolly and Dr Gunoy are designated Physicians for both the Canadian and the US Immigration Services. They carry out the mandatory medical examinations for visa applications and immigration.

English and French patients

Dr. Jolly is a British doctor. Her mother tongue is English and after working in a French hospital since 1996, she speaks fluent French, which can help patients for whom French is not their best language. Even with a good command of French, patients have different expectations in terms of health care. Dr. Jolly can help her patients manoeuvre through the complexities of the French medical system.

Dr. Denise Gunoy is a French doctor. Her mother tongue is French, but she speaks perfect English. She works Mondays all day and alternate Thursday or Friday mornings.

1- Photos courtesy of Dr. Gunita Jolly.
2- From left to right: Dr Gunita Jolly (Panel Physician) & Francoise Romangas (Head Secertary);
3- Photo: Cabinet de la Muette clinic staff (from left to right): Dr. Denise Gunoy (Panel Physician), Dr. Fred Preux (Radiologist),
Dr. Fred Zeitoun (Radiologist), Dr. Gunita Jolly (Panel Physician), & Jane Winfield

Kudos and Thank You for a Job Well Done with COVID vaccinations!

Please join us in recognizing
The Cabinet de la Muette in France
for their work and commitment to the U.S. Immigration Program!

Among adult applicants, 100% have been vaccinated against COVID-19! 

Getting to Know… Dr. Gunita Jolly and the
Cabinet de la Muette clinic

Q: How long have you been a panel physician?

A: I have been a Panel Physician since 2011. Dr. Denise Gunoy joined me in 2017.

Q: How has COVID-19 impacted your clinic?

A: COVID 19 has obviously affected the daily management of the clinic. We have had enough PPE for the staff as well as other protective aids. The staff and patients have been respectful of safety guidelines. Our online manager, Jane Winfield, has aided and organised most visa patients before arrival at the clinic so we have minimised risks during this Pandemic. On arrival at the clinic, our secretaries adhere carefully to safety standards while advising and aiding patients in preparation of their medical exams.

Q: How has your clinic been able to achieve such high COVID vaccination rates?

A: Well we have made sure our website explains the need for Covid vaccination. We add it to all reminder emails sent and it is also on the booking website. So far, so good! Every applicant has understood vaccination requirements before they attend therefore. We don't offer Covid vaccination in our clinic now as it is readily available in Vaccination centres close by.

Q: How have you remained hopeful and resilient?

A: My personality is naturally positive, hopeful, and resilient. Years of experience as a doctor have consolidated these characteristics. It has been even more important during this pandemic to give strength and support to our patients. Working together as an efficient team allows us to give patients confidence that we will do the best for them, especially during these difficult times.

Q: Is there anything else you feel other sites would like to know?

A: Effective teamwork and good communication with our Radiology and Laboratory team have always helped us provide the best service for patients. We speak regularly and try to meet, when possible, to discuss cases and support each other. We encourage other panel sites to communicate with these departments but also to have a forum of feedback for patients, so we can improve services.